Mount Doom

What Is Mount Doom: The Prophecy Of Tolkien Revealed?

Mount Doom: The Prophecies of Tolkien Revealed gives you the weapons you need to fight the decline of Western society.

In this elucidating analysis, you’ll discover the prophecies of the fall of modern society Tolkien alluded to in his beloved series, The Lord of the Rings.

Why This Book, Why Now?

Like you, we love good literature. We’ve long studied Tolkien’s masterpieces and investigated them for deeper meaning…

and eventually we realized: Tolkien hid Catholic imagery to add layers of meaning and nuance to his works.

He predicted the very trends we’re so worried about, and gave us the tools we need to do something about them.
Thus, Mount Doom: The Prophecies of Tolkien Revealed was born.


Let us bring you into our community of informed and equipped crusaders fighting against AI. Explore the mysteries hidden in Tolkien’s works.

About The Authors

Paul List is a cradle Catholic and self-educated philosopher. In his spare time, he reads and re-reads Aristotle and Aquinas.

Ali Ghaffari is a convert to the Catholic faith–a refugee from Protestantism and Atheism. A retired Navy F-18 pilot, he is a husband and father of five children. He studied graduate philosophy and theology at Holy Apostles College and Seminary, founded Divine Mercy Academy near Annapolis, and taught at the United States Naval Academy. His work has also appeared in Catholic Answers.

Paul and Ali have spent years studying Tolkien’s works. They give you the roadmap back to the traditions that shaped Tolkien and in turn, his beloved mythology.